Kashflow, a Jamaican born and raised in West London. Like m any, he was raised by a single mum and had a tough upbringing. He started his musical career by performing as an MC to Drum ‘n’ Bass at the age of 11. Kashflow became a singer after hearing “End of the Road” by Boys II Men. He had a vocal lesson with a Jazz singer.

For the next five years Michael trained himself through listening to various soul, R&B artists. He was particularly inspired by Anthony Hamilton, Joe Thomas, H town, Conner Reeves, Brian McKnight, Musiq Soul Child and D’Angelo.

In 2000 Kashflow bumped into the singer song-writer and producer/musician Don-e. They became friends, collaborated on songs which are featured on the current album, Timeless.

Kashflow has launched this album with title track ‘I Don’t Wonna Go’. This song is dedicated to his girlfriend for the hardships she endured raising kids on her own. The songs on the album have lyrics that touch on many social issues and powerful emotions and the music ranges through R&B, soul and blues, Kashflow’s soul music offers a refreshing alternative to the repetitive clichés of commercial pop – a return of the ‘real’ both in vocal texture and social content. He is a major talent both as a singer and vivid song-writer. His lyrics are about the trials and tribulations of urban life – hardships which are always conjoined with his fascination and love for ‘ordinary people’ and vibrant experiences of ‘the everyday’. The songs feel familiar yet fresh; the politics are potent but pervaded with a tender vision and a love for life.
‘Timeless’ Kashflow’s new album is an original form of musical fusion which draws its roots from the raw textures of blues, soul and reggae brought into fresh conversations with R&B, Dub-step, Drum and bass or Bashment. The album can be seen as eclectic with different blends of sound and vocals; each mix generated by the particular expressive needs of the lyrics and stories. Kashflow’s voice is an instrument with a great range that shifts and resonates in dialogue with different beats or instrumentals. There are muscular and tactile depths which surge up through to sweet or searing falsetto’s . He plays freely in a Jazz style and the vibrations of his voice work on an abstract level as well as sounding the targeted lyrics of the songs.
Timeless also delivers what it promises in terms of Timelessness. Kashflow gets down and dirty but makes music about sex without cliché and with a refreshing sense of imagination and love. His music comes from the streets but has an eloquence and poetry an uncanny forever quality – as though these songs are already classics.
Kashflow regularly collaborates with other creative musicians and song-writers and has been working with various different well-known artists from all cross the world.
This is an invitation to listen to the songs, watch the videos and immerse yourself in the musical flow of Kashflow.