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…”I Don’t Wonna Go” is number 1 in the Grenada Soul Charts “.


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As one reviewer put it from the Metro, Kashflow “has actually discovered his calling as a purposefully paradoxical troubadour who throws right into the mix all the styles of his past, from slashing grunge to glittery glam to earnest soul RnB people, bellowing and also smiling sardonically all the while”. Simply put, if you are a follower of legendary vocalist songwriters such as Anthony Hamilton, D’Angelo, Donny Haffleway as well as others like them, Kashflow is a need to have for your collection.

His verses have actually caught the focus of doubters around the world and also his emotional distribution and also propensity for tunes make this album the perfect backdrop for that epic road trip and even just an evening resting over your favorite bottle of Brandy or White wine.

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